Greschitz Management GmbH is in IT business now for more than 25 years, consulting and training companies in getting a better and more secure IT environment. Please find below a couple of important milestones in our company history:

2010 - Reorientation of Greschitz Management GmbH
Thomas Greschitz leaves Integralis AG in early 2010 and devotes his focus on realigning and developing business with Greschitz Management GmbH.

2009 - Launch of a new branch office
Greschitz Management GmbH launches a branch office location in Germany.

2008 - Divestment to Integralis AG (now NTT COM Security)
Thomas Greschitz sells his successful company Greschitz IT Security GmbH to Integralis AG, a global player in IT Security and takes over management for Austria.

2007 - Foundation of Greschitz Management GmbH
Greschitz Management GmbH in its present form as a consulting oriented company on the field of IT and IT Security was founded by Thomas Greschitz.

2003 - Opening of a Training Center in Vienna
A newly opened training center in 1030 Vienna offered standardized and customized training in addition to certification training as an ATC for renowned manufacturers in IT and IT Security (eg. Check Point, Nokia, F-Secure, Clearswift, ActivIdentity)

2000 - New headquarter launch in 1010 Vienna
After 10 years in Graz the company location was moved to Vienna, new vendors and technology were added to the portfolio and IT infrastructure was getting more important.

1995 - Focus on IT Security
The new "Greschitz IT Security" began to focus its business activities on IT Security as early as 1995. The firewall from Check Point and Microsoft systems accompanied the corporate history from the very beginning.

1991 - Foundation of the sole proprietorship
Thomas Greschitz begins his business career during his studies, still having a focus on the of IT and IT training in general.

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