Our Team

Our Team

Our primary mission is helping our customers getting their information security, information technology based systems and infrastructure to a better and more secure level.


  • Thomas Greschitz

    Thomas Greschitz is working in IT business for already 30 years. His emphases are primarily situated on the field of IT security, infrastructure and training. He founded his former company Greschitz IT…

  • Susanne Greschitz

    Susanne Greschitz has worked for many years as a head of department and personnel manager in the healthcare industry. She has extensive experience in organization and management. She is responsible for all…

  • Peter Schoenegger

    Peter Schoenegger started in IT at the age of 14, being focused on getting the deepest insight possible into different fields of IT while continuously improving strategies and know-how whenever possible. Designing…

For any enquiries, please contact us at office@greschitz.net or via phone at +43 50 351.

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