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A10 Networks

A10 NetworksA10 Networks is a provider of advanced application networking technologies. All products are built on the Advanced Core Operating System (ACOS). A10 Networks offers three software-based advanced application networking solutions.

These are Application Delivery Controllers (ADCs), which can optimize data center performance; Carrier Grade Networking products (CGN), which provides address and protocol translation services for service provider networks, and Distributed Denial of Service Threat Protection System (TPS) for network-wide security protection. These solutions are available on both, optimized hardware appliances and as virtual appliances across its Thunder Series and AX Series product families.

A10 Network's ADC solution provides advanced server load balancing, including global server load balancing, high availability, aFleX scripting, aVCS, ADP virtualization delivery for multi-tenancy, Secure Sockets Layer, or SSL, acceleration, SSL intercept, caching and compression, web application firewall, domain name server application firewall and others. ADC solutions are typically deployed in front of a server farm within a data center, including Web, application and database servers.

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The CGN aka. Carrier Grade Networking solution extends the life of increasingly scarce IPv4 address blocks and their associated infrastructure and provides migration solutions to the IPv6 addressing standard. The CGN is usually getting deployed in service provider networks to provide standard-compliant address and protocol translation services between varying types of IP addresses.

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High volume, large scale detection and mitigation services are provided by the TPS solution to ensure that networks and server resources remain available even throughout a massive Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack. TPS solutions are typically deployed at the perimeter of customer networks to protect their internal network resources from large-scale, volumetric cyber attacks, protocol attacks and resource attacks from distributed networks of compromised machines, or botnets.

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