Catalogic Catalogic with its DPX solution integrates copy data services such as backup, disaster recovery, and bare metal recovery, to significantly improve backup and recovery performance as well as manage data growth. DPX integrates into multiple storage and virtualization solutions and stores instantly mountable snapshots, simplifying data protection and reducing operational costs.

Those snapshots can be used for testing, development, reporting, analytics and data mining. Catalogic DPX uses low impact, application-consistent, fast block level backups.

Catalogic’s ECX is an intelligent software-defined copy data management platform that allows today’s IT professionals to manage, orchestrate and analyze its copy data lifecycle across the enterprise and the cloud.

As a software-only solution, ECX is the only offering that is purpose-built to utilize the copy services of existing infrastructure within a customer’s environment. In doing so, ECX enables your IT team to dramatically improve its ability to deliver mission critical functions to its internal and external customers.

With its simplified deployment and powerful set of copy data management functionality, ECX allows customers to comprehensively solve the mounting copy data challenge. IT teams to comprehensively solve the copy data management problem, by providing a powerful solution to:

  • Gain control of copy data they already have
  • Create and manage policies for copy creation, and
  • Establish automated workflows for the use of copy data in support of the various business and IT functions necessary for today’s businesses to function.

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Catalogic DPX protects your data quickly and reliably for your virtual, physical and cloud-based environments. DPX integrates backup and recovery, tape backup, disaster recovery, and bare metal recovery as copy data services that reduce both backup and recovery times by 90% or more through instantly mountable recoveries. DPX simplifies data protection across your enterprise infrastructure and reduces operational costs.

The largest hidden cost of data protection is operations: the day-to-day management and troubleshooting of the many different tools used to back up, restore and copy data. Spending too much time on backup and using multiple tools is definitely a problem regardless of the business size which results in wasted resources and personnel time that could be deployed to higher value activities.

DPX lets you work smarter by combining an easy-to-use, intuitive management interface with robust backup and disaster recovery capabilities. Built-in integration with NetApp means backup operators don’t need to be storage experts. DPX doesn’t require months of training and storage administration experience to operate freeing up IT staff to work on other projects that drive new revenue.

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