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HID Global HID Global offers outstanding solutions in the field of Identity Management, Identity Assurance and Access Control, both physical and virtual and is a trusted leader in products, services and solutions related to the creation, management, and use of secure identities for millions of customers worldwide.

Recognized for robust quality, innovative designs and industry leadership, HID Global is focused on creating customer value and is the supplier of choice for OEMs, integrators, and developers serving a variety of markets that include physical access control; IT security, including strong authentication/credential management; card personalization; visitor management; government ID; and identification technologies for technologies for a range of applications. HID Global is an ASSA ABLOY Group brand.

HID has acquired ActivIdentity (formerly ActivCard) and offers outstanding solutions in the field of Secure Identity Solutions.

The following solutions form the base of a secure identity solution:

  • ActivID Credential Management System (former Card Management System)
    A solution for issuing and managing PIV and PIV-I cards, enterprise access cards and mobile credentials.
  • ActivID AAA Server
    Delivers multi-factor authentication for securing employee remote access to corporate VPNs and other enterprise resources.
  • ActivID Authentication Server
    A versatile, flexible and highly scalable platform for securing access to government and corporate systems and online consumer services.
  • ActivID ActivClient
    A clientside smart card solution for strong authentication to protect workstations, mobile devices and networks.

HID Global’s ActivID® Credential Management System (CMS) enables organizations to issue an authentication credential that goes beyond perimeter security. A smart card or smart token can be used to secure access to individual workstations and servers within the firewall, as well as securing VPN and other remote access use cases. The smart card or token can also be used to encrypt data, hard drives, documents and emails, and for digital signatures.

The ActivID Credential Management System is ideal for:

  • Medium to large enterprises issuing employees with converged access cards or smart tokens for authentication, data encryption and data signing
  • US Federal government agencies deploying Personal Identity Verification (PIV) cards and commercial organizations deploying PIV-I or Commercial Identity Verification (CIV) cards.
  • Governments issuing citizens identification cards with PKI-based credentials

ActivID CMS is the only offering in the industry that makes it possible for organizations to create, manage and use a single PKI smart card for both logical and physical access – using a unified solution from a single vendor.

Organizations deploying the ActivID CMS are able to securely provision PKI certificates and other credentials to a range of different devices, including smart cards, tokens and mobile phones. It is also scalable to millions of credentials in distributed complex environments with multiple user groups. ActivID CMS interfaces with physical access control systems (PACS) to automate the PIV or PIV-I card enrollment process enabling users to use their card to authenticate at the door without the need to re-enroll their card.

Learn more about the ActivID Credential Management System

HID Global’s 4TRESS AAA Server for Remote Access is trusted by thousands of organizations to provide multi-factor authentication, authorization and accounting (AAA) of remote users. It ensures those organizations can trust user identities and grant appropriate access to remote networks and applications.

The 4TRESS AAA Server for Remote Access is the ideal choice for small to medium sized organizations seeking an open standards-based multi-factor authentication solution. The solution secures virtual private networks (VPNs), Web applications, remote terminal services and more.

The 4TRESS AAA Server for Remote Access supports a broad range of multi-factor authentication devices, including software authentication tokens for all leading mobile phones and tablets. It is easy to install, deploy and manage, and its features include a Web-based self-service portal to help reduce costly IT help desk calls.

The secure remote access solution enables organizations to migrate from expensive proprietary solutions using a phased approach that minimizes the impact on users and maximizes legacy investments.

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HID Global’s ActivID® Authentication Server is used by governments, enterprises and banks worldwide to secure access to critical infrastructure so organizations can stay ahead of an ever-changing threat landscape, without disrupting user workflow and productivity. The solution helps achieve compliance with update FFIEC guidance, PCI DSS, as well as other mandates, policies and guidelines related to online commerce and banking.

The solution is ideal for:

  • Medium to large organizations deploying a single enterprise-wide, multi-factor authentication platform.
  • Providers of multi-tenant authentication and/or cloud based services, enabling different user communities and/or lines of business on a single platform.
  • Governments, banks and healthcare providers securing access to online services for citizens, customers and patients.
  • Organizations seeking to reduce costs by deploying a single platform that enables users to connect securely from any location, at any time, via their preferred device.

The ActivID Authentication Server supports multi-factor authentication with all leading mobile phones and tablets, and provides a flexible platform that can grow with the authentication needs of any business. Built-in support for open protocols ensures that it can be easily integrated into any enterprise infrastructure, cloud based service and/or internet banking engine. It also supports advanced capabilities, such as ActivID Trusted Transactions™ that enable mobile-based, out-of-band transaction verification. This feature leverages the mobile device “push” notification capability, and ActivID Threat Detection Service that transparently protects online transactions from a wide range of threats, including Trojan and man-in-the-browser (MitB) attacks.

The solution’s templates and easy-to-define policies simplify user authentication and enable organizations to deploy a flexible authentication solution tailored to their unique requirements.

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HID Global’s ActivID® ActivClient® software guards against an ever-changing threat landscape by providing organizations with risk-appropriate and secure access to corporate IT assets.

ActivClient allows organizations to move beyond simple passwords and deploy the best strong authentication solution for their environment. Choosing from a range of credential options, including smart cards and USB tokens, organizations can authenticate users to a wide variety of desktop, network, mobile, cloud and productivity applications.

ActivClient has been deployed in over four million desktop installations and is interoperable with leading smart cards, readers, operating systems, certificate authorities, network environments and enterprise applications.

With ActivClient, organizations can confidently:

  • Increase security: Proven technology that is widely adopted, and offers a user-friendly strong authentication experience.
  • Improve compliance: Complies with all major government and industry regulations.
  • Optimize productivity: Single, versatile strong authentication tool for both Windows Login and Remote Access.
  • Reduce costs: Integrates easily into existing infrastructure.

Learn more about the ActivID ActivClient

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