InfobloxInfoblox delivers critical network services that protect and provide Domain Name System (DNS) infrastructure and increase the reliability of enterprise and service provider networks. As an industry leader in DNS, DHCP, and IP address management, Infoblox reduces the risk, complexity and administrative overhead of network management and operations.

Automated network control functions are provided, to reduce costs and maximize uptime, while protecting against the rising flood of malware and Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks. From discovery, configuration and compliance to DNS, DHCP and IP address management, Infoblox' technology automates and simplifies complex processes. The Infoblox Grid architecture delivers high availability and provides an authoritative network database for real-time and historical reporting. Purpose built DNS security solutions defend against a wider range of threats than other product available.

Internal DNS Security protects data and infrastructure inside an enterprise. It protects mission-critical DNS infrastructure from attacks, stops Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) and malware from using DNS and prevents data exfiltration via DNS. All without the need of deploying endpoint agents or issuing changes to existing network architecture. It combines enterprise-grade DNS with automatic threat intelligence to provide protection and response against threats.

External DNS Security is an appliance that provides defense against the widest range of DNS-based attacks such as DNS DDoS, exploits, and DNS hijacking. It enables DNS to continue functioning even under attack and provides protection against new and evolving attacks automatically.

Infoblox offers applications to mitigate DNS-exploiting malware and enables automated as well as continuous protection using a reputational Response Policy Zone (RPZ) feed directly into the Infoblox DNS servers. When malware code inside a firewall attempts to make a connection with a malicious site, the DNS firewall prevents the connection to the malicious domain and reports the infected clients. The DNS firewall can also prevent data exfiltration via DNS using a threat analytics solution.

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Core network services are essential to IT service delivery across all enterprises – like the engine of a car, if it is not running an enterprise is going nowhere. Infoblox DNS, DHCP, and IP address management (IPAM) delivers a recognized standard for availability providing enterprises 99.999% service uptime.

Infoblox integrated management simplifies core network service delivery across physical and virtual environments. A centralized repository of data along with closed loop workflows, templates, property inheritance, and task automation reduces the time and effort needed to perform network management and troubleshooting. Appliances and software are built from the ground up with security in mind. In addition to secure core network services, the platform has been expanded to help meet the rising threats from rogue devices as well as internal and external DNS attacks, malware, and data exfiltration.

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NetMRI provides automatic network discovery, switch port management, network change automation and continuous security policy and configuration compliance management for multi-vendor routers, switches, other layer-2 and layer-3 network devices. NetMRI is the platform that supports traditional and virtual network constructs (such as VRF) for multi-vendor network automation.

NetMRI helps customers move away from out-of-date spreadsheets, error-prone manual processes like scripts and CLI access, and ad hoc audit teams. Network automation reduces the risk of outages, frees networking staff from mundane tasks, and makes sure your network configurations actually stay within standards.

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