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Pulse SecurePulse Secure is a leading provider of access and mobile security solutions to both enterprises and service providers. Enterprises from every vertical and of all sizes utilize the company's Pulse virtual private network (VPN), network access control and mobile security products to enable end user mobility securely and seamlessly in their organizations.

Pulse Secure's mission is to enable open, integrated enterprise system solutions that empower business productivity through seamless mobility. PulseSecure's products were formerly known as Juniper's Secure Access Solution (SA) and Junipers Network Access Controll (NAC, IC-Series).

Pulse Secure Connect Secure is the leading SSL VPN solution, enhanced for BYOD mobility, for market-leading seamless connectivity to corporate resources.

Employees are more mobile than ever before, and they carry multiple company issued and personal (BYOD) computing devices. They want fast, easy yet secure mobile and remote access that empowers them to do their jobs effectively. One of the key Pulse Secure services, Pulse Connect Secure provides cost effective, secure, authenticated access via SSL VPN for remote and mobile users from any webenabled device to corporate resources— anytime, anywhere.

Some of the features of Pulse Secure Connect Secure are:

  • Clientless core web access
  • Password management
  • Strong authentication
  • On-box dashboard
  • Granular auditing
  • MDM integration

Learn more about Pulse Secure Connect Secure (download the Product Datasheet)

Pulse Policy Secure is an industry-leading NAC solution that supports full Layer 2 - Layer 7 enforcement. It automates security policy enforcement and incident response for enterprises, and features coordinated threat control mechanisms to deliver continuous protection from unauthorized access.

Pulse Policy Secure provides context-aware security policies, analyzing user, role, device, location, time, network, and app - and compliance status information. It also simplifies guest access management with easy self-registration.

Some of the features of Pulse Policy Secure are:

  • Unified client
  • BYOD onboarding
  • Guest access management
  • Compliance auto-checks
  • Centralized command
  • Federation SSO

Learn more about Pulse Policy Secure (download the Product Datasheet)

Pulse Client works seamlessly with Pulse VPN and network access control (NAC) solutions to deliver the same familiar user experience on laptops, desktops, and mobile devices. It’s the only integrated smart device client with built-in VPN, NAC, and anti-malware capabilities.

Pulse Client can be configured with one click using the automated BYOD onboarding feature of your Pulse Secure gateway or via integration with your existing enterprise mobility management (EMM) platform. It also provides a one-touch VPN experience with iOS on-demand VPN and certificate-based authentication.

Some of the features of Pulse Policy Secure are:

  • Advanced host-checking
  • Certificate Authentication
  • Split tunneling
  • FIPS 140-2 compliant
  • SSO via SAML
  • Smart connectivity
  • App-level VPN tunnel
  • On-demand VPN for iOS
  • Authentication options

Learn more about Pulse Client

PulseSecure offers two families of Hardware Appliances for ideally fullfilling your business demand. These purpose-built appliances provide a single point of convergence for managing the secure network connectivity and access challenges of a always-connected mobile workforce. In conjunction with the Pulse Secure Client, the MAG Series Appliances lower OPEX and CAPEX by reducing the number of appliances and servers needed to deliver and control secure network access regardless of a user’s location or device.

  • PSA Appliance Series
    The Pulse Secure Appliances deliver SSL VPN connectivity or network access control (NAC) via a single high-performance platform.
    Learn more about the PSA Appliance Series (download the Product Datasheet)
  • MAG Appliance Series
    Pulse Secure’s MAG Series Appliances deliver SSL VPN connectivity and/or network access control through a single converged appliance.
    Learn more about the MAG Appliance Series (download the Product Datasheet)

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