Portfolio Category: IT Security

Advanced Malware and Threats

Writing zero-day malware can be done easily by almost everyone. New threats arise every day and standard signature based security systems loose effectiveness when dealing with new and unknown malware. Using virtualization and sand-boxing systems for separating good from the bad got to one of the most heavily discussed matters in the last couple of months. Offering in-depth experience in analyzing, writing as well as identifying malicious code and tactics gives us the possibilities in planning, designing and deploying a solid defense model against advanced and high sophisticated attacks.
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Enterprise Security Architecture

Designing single purposed systems or primarily dealing with products for improving information/network security such as firewalls or endpoint-protection is loosing effectiveness faster and faster. We are focused on developing long lasting and scaling security designs with a milestone and risk minimizing approach instead of placing systems one after the other. Choosing the best and appropriate products is necessary, but bringing up interaction and interfaces between systems in place is even more important.
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Secure Mobile Access

Providing access to remote workers, employees traveling abroad or partner companies being involved in everyday business is mandatory in today's IT services. Securing this type of access from non-trusted sides to internal and sensitive services gets challenging. We try to manage remote access as user-friendly and as secure as possible integrating game changing approaches such as "smart card authentication" or token/mobile-based two factor authentication while integrating it in a multi layered central security approach.
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Enterprise Firewalling

What is good enterprise firewalling? Absolutely way more than placing a security system on the perimeter. Designing network based security with latest strategies, secure concepts such as network micro segmentation, ssl traffic visibility and network visibility generation. Our mission is helping you getting the most out of a network security system, integrating it into a central security process, improving existing designs and finding and planning new deployments and combining it with experience on all market leading platforms.
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