Portfolio Category: IT Infrastructure

Out of Band Management

Managing IT infrastructure from everywhere only in a secure way and even if critical systems are offline our under maintenance. Integrating isolated out-of-band-management is important when providing availability and process effectiveness.
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Application Delivery

Designing high available, secure and fast application delivery solutions is relevant for almost all companies providing services for customers and their employees towards the internet or internally. Not depending if a company wants to provide a secure and bulletproof web-host for their website, offering reliable customer portals or operating 24/7 access to Microsoft Exchange for mobile workers - ADC aka. Application Delivery has to be brought into considerations. We are providing in depth layer 3 up to layer 7 knowledge together with know-how and in the field experience with the largest and most widely used ADC and load balancing vendors such as F5 Networks, A10 Networks and KEMP Technologies.
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Enterprise Messaging

Microsoft Exchange as the most widely used enterprise class messaging and groupware solution offers huge possibilities. Managing those, starting with a redundant concept, over efficient every day administration and secure upgrades to getting a maximum out of available features. We are the right partner: From a certification point of view as well as with over 15 years working knowledge.
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