Portfolio Category: IT Infrastructure

Microsoft Core Technologies

Securely operating and optimizing Microsoft Active Directory (AD) services including user, group and rights management, group policy administration, software/update roll-out together with having full control over multi-site, multi-domain and trust issues is one of our main focus in delivering consulting to our customers. Severe security problems and miss-configuration can emerging over time which we want to get mitigated from scratch.
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Core Infrastructure Services

Offering high available, scaling and reliable DNS and DHCP services in distributed company networks is crucial to network and systems operation success. In addition to Microsoft's built-in services we are setting an additional focus on open source as well as the world's primarily used vendors for core infrastructure service delivery. It's all about a hardened and redundant design which relies on best-practice and baseline concepts.
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WAN Optimization

Getting the most out of WAN links between multiple sites even if they are low-bandwidth or making Microsoft Exchange mailboxes available at remote sites with possibilities in pre-caching file shares or diverse application data and removing the WAN connection gap between the headquarter and branch offices. Having a thin efficient branch office and offering availability while providing full speed and user experience - We can show how that can be made possible.
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Intelligent Storage Solutions

As a security oriented company we are not primarily focused on selling storage solutions, but we honestly think that integrating intelligent data handling and management has to be brought to companies from different perspectives. Storage not equals storage and high available and a seminal way of storing data minimizes many risks from a breach, availability and many other views.
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