Portfolio Category: Network Security

Intrusion Detection and Prevention

Identifying system and network intrusion can take up to a couple of hundred days. We are following a pre-breach approach in designing efficient signature based intelligent intrusion prevention systems; alerting and reporting relevant events and integrating measures to limit threat through successful breaches.
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Identity and Access Management

Granting employees, contractors or partners access to systems usually works based on a username and password combination. Building entrance, physical access and employee identification in general are often separated from IT related types of authentication. Having an IT based access management concept brings the combination of both with a huge advantage of moving away from username, password only mechanisms on the IT side and having only one administrative system to take care of.
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Certificate Technologies

Implementing a certificate authority (CA) and a two-stage public key infrastructure (PKI) in modern networks is mandatory for providing secure client to server connections as well as network authentication, hard drive encryption and remote dial-in for legitimate users. Bringing in extensive knowledge in cryptography, private- and public key based system design and PKI administration, roll out and hardening; we can get the most out of using certificates.
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Enterprise PKI Architecture

PKI architecture up to the largest companies relies on Microsoft Active Directory Certificate Services being able to manage almost an unlimited number of client and server certificates for public key authentication, encryption and security in general. Our goal is integrating and bringing top-level experience and know-how in when companies are facing PKI redesign, migration, upgrading or design.
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