Portfolio Category: Network Security

Wired and Wireless Technologies

Designing wireless and wired infrastructure from a demand as well as a security perspective has to be taken seriously. Proper selection and conception of technology offers endless possibilities in step-by-step deploying a combined, redundant and high available solution for wireless and wired networks. Preparing steps for network access control (NAC with 802.1X), which then offers possibilities for seamlessly handing over guests or internal users from wireless to wired or vice versa without any loss of security or connectivity. How many and which type of switches or access points are needed, which features are necessary be supported from a mid- or long-term perspective? Questions we can absolutely help you with.
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Secure Network Access

Granting only internal, secured and compliant devices access to a company's network for both wired or wireless technologies is often considered as getting additional administrative hassle. Nevertheless implementing technologies such as IEEE 802.1X with Network Access Protection (NAP) and Network Access Control (NAC) is offering the ability preventing unauthorized access to the corporate network on the physical and provisioning devices between and to different network segments based on user authentication or client certificate.
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Network Segregation Design

Segregating and separating devices on an enterprise network by their purpose and bringing them into isolated network segments is an important part in designing consistent network security. Following a strategy of not only differentiating between internal, external and a demilitarized zone minimizes the probability of malware spreading over a network between different systems. This so called lateral movement of threats spreading between different areas of a network.
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Enterprise Network Architecture

Core, distribution and access layer were initial terms brought up by Cisco, describing architectural thoughts on an enterprise network architecture. In 2016 various concepts, complex and simple exist for implementing and building up a hardened, national, transnational enterprise network offering highly redundant data-center performance for server applications and secure access for client and mobile devices.
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